How Much Should You Drink At Your Office's Holiday Party This Year?


It’s December, and for many of us that means it’s the time of the year we’re allowed to get completely fucked up with our coworkers. Or is it? GrubStreet has provided us with a handy chart that will tell you exactly how many drinks you’re allowed to imbibe in relation to your position at the company. The chart is open to interpretation but I think it reads a little something like this: CEOs, don’t be drunk assholes; interns, don’t drink so much that you horrify everyone by throwing up on a coworker, securing that you’ll never get hired full-time; everyone else, drink only as much as you hate the place you work for.

So I guess my fantasies of that round of Jezebel/Deadspin staff body shots this year is a no? Ah, well, girl can dream.

Click to enlarge.

[Via GrubStreet]

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