I Don't Think MTV's Winter Break: Hunter Mountain Is Going To Work


Something tells me that the specific magic that happens when you throw a bunch of young adults in a beach house for a summer and film their shenanigans won’t quite translate to the colder months, but I’m still game to give it a go!

Here is a 30-second teaser trailer for Winter Break: Hunter Mountain—premiering February 27 at 10:30 PM—a Jersey Shore-esque series that takes the formula of plopping attractive people in a house with alcohol and not much else to do, and transposes it to Hunter Mountain. Sallyann Salsano, mastermind behind Jersey Shore and the recent, moderately successful Floribama Shore, is responsible for this mess. Sallyann, ma’am, are you sure about this?

Here’s the official description of whatever you just watched, via MTV:

For one season out of the year, the East Coast becomes the Ice Coast.Serving as a rite of passage for young people who want to get away for a winter break, Hunter Mountain is an idyllic ski resort that offers twenty somethings the chance to escape their regular lives, ski and snowboard their brains out and party with other like-minded singles. On Winter Break: Hunter Mountain, we document the lives of 8 young people who move into a share house for the season – and the impact their winter together has on their lives.

For starters, no one calls the East Coast “Ice coast;” also, some clarity is required on what “the season” means in this context. The ski season? The winter season? Am I out of the loop and people are getting share houses like they do for the summer but in the winter? Is this something MTV has made up in order to force a premise for what is essentially Jersey Shore set in upstate New York? Ideally some of these young people work on the mountain—I’m 100 percent here for liftie drama and chicken fingers—but if all they’re doing is shredding some gnar pow and shotgunning beers in the hot tub, I don’t know about this…. but I’ll still watch.

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