I’d Love to Know What These 4 People Were Laughing About

More importantly, I'd love to know if Taylor Swift talked to Megan Fox about her poetry box for her forthcoming poetry album.

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I’d Love to Know What These 4 People Were Laughing About

If you had asked me 11 hours ago if Taylor Swift and Megan Fox have ever met each other I would have laughed and said, “No.” And I would have been wrong!

Swift and Fox, along with their respective significant others, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Kelce, hung out (or at the very least, interacted with each other) in the VIP lounge of Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World in Las Vegas after the Chiefs Super Bowl win on Sunday. The same VIP lounge at the same club where Kelce sang Swift the lyrics of her own song and Swift made a TikTok with her parents.

And there’s both photo and video evidence. On Tuesday, a Chiefs fan shared a slideshow of snaps from the Super Bowl. The first pic is of him and one of his buddies posing in front of the football field; the second is him, the aforementioned buddy, and Travis Kelce posing for a selfie at XS Nightclub; the next photos are also of him posing in front of various Allegiant StadiumXSuper Bowl landmarks. Then, finally, once you’ve made it past these seemingly innocent snaps of a guy simply enjoying his Big Football day, you arrive at the photo of Kelce, Swift, MGK, and Fox…posing together…with two peace signs included.


A video clip of the four proves that not only was the snap not photoshopped but that they also all interacted—Kelce and Fox give each other a hug, Swift and MGK pal around, and they all briefly got caught in a kind of awkward forced selfie, but then they all continue laughing together. It almost looks like a laugh you’d share with friends who you’ve previously hung out with…

I have a few other questions. 1) Did Swift read Fox’s poetry book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, for her upcoming albumThe Tortured Poets Department? 2) Did they talk about being witches? 3) How do Fox and Kelce know each other? 4) Are Swift and Kelce interested in drinking each other’s blood? 5) Did Fox listen to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) when she and MGK were possibly broken up? 6) Did Fox and MGK also meet Swift’s parents? I have about 3,298 more but I’ll leave you with those six for now.

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