If Fifty Shades of Grey Wasn't Torturous Enough, Marlon Wayans Is Making a Spoof


The Fifty Shades of Grey film became such a phenomenon earlier this year that avoiding it was fairly impossible. The movie turned out to be ridiculous (and bad) enough in itself that there’s no need to spoof it, but, as usual, Marlon Wayans is doing it anyway.

This red band trailer for Fifty Shades of Black stars actress Kali Hawk and Wayans—whose career seems to now solely consists of making fun of Hollywood’s absurdity with unfunny parodies—in the lead roles as a pair of BDSM lovers.

As with his other projects, this one also parodies other important pop culture moments, like Magic Mike and Kim Kardashian’s Paper cover.

Unfortunately, aside from the first Scary Movie, none of these movies have ever been good. With Fifty Shades of Black, Wayans says, “It’s amazing when a film of this caliber comes along begging to be made fun of. I’m really happy to be doing what I love with people I love to do it with. That double entendre was intentional.”

He’s calling it a “humorous homage.”

Seems like this idea would make better sense as like a 15-minute parody video. But alas, it’s a smart business decision, considering that Wayans’ previous spoof film, Haunted House, grossed around $80 million and only took $2.5 million and $4 million, respectively, to make.

Is it too much to ask him to put his talents to better use?

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