If Sex Positions Were Subject To Copyright


The congenital coyness around Mad Men‘s fourth season is not going to let up, but in the meantime, we have actors Alison Brie and Rich Sommer talking dirty on Funny Or Die to tide us over.

The skit imagines a government agency to patent sex acts, set in a wood-paneled office not unlike the federal counterpart to Sterling Cooper. The gag here is pretty standard: unexpected people — corporate suits, but especially fresh-faced Alison Brie and Kathryn Joosten as nice old lady — talking about the most shocking sexual acts they can muster. That includes “Guantanamo Play” and the offhand assertion that “that sexy terrorist thing is played out.”

The Committee Ep 1: Bad Dog w/ Alison Brie & Rich Sommer from drew_pearce

And yet… while we’re obviously not in favor of government regulation of sex, there’s something inadvertently refreshing about this parallel universe of unembarrassed sex positivity. Different strokes for different folks, as Sommers’ character puts it.

The Committee [Funny Or Die]

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