In 2018, Replace All Potatoes With Sweet Potatoes


This month, website GOOP released its annual detox plan, a colorful-yet-joyless menu of Chlorella (a type of algae) smoothies, avocado dressings, and overnight oats that all look great and accessible, assuming you have a million dollars and nothing but time on your hands.

But nestled among the recipes for turmeric-dusted cashews (take cashews, dust with turmeric) and “zoodle” soups there lies a gem of an idea. Eat a roasted sweet potato for breakfast. I’d like to take this a step further: Eat sweet potatoes all the time, not just for a detox that you probably don’t want to do anyway.

Initially, my coworkers mocked the GOOP-endorsed idea of sweet potatoes for breakfast, but—and please don’t tell them I said this—they are dumb and I (possibly because of my SP intake) am very smart. Sweet potatoes are not only delicious: They’re also a superfood packed with nutrients, full of fiber and vitamins A and C. They’re pretty—that delightful orange!—and smell good when you’re preparing them. Today, in fact, I had cubed sweet potato for breakfast, reheated from last night’s dinner, with a scrambled egg and greek yogurt. It was tasty and now—late in the afternoon—I only somewhat want to take a nap. When strapped for time (always), I might even bake several at once and eat them as snacks throughout the week. (Throw it in a tupperware! Bring it to work!)

A suggestion: Replace potatoes with sweet potatoes across any and all meals. Does the stew you’re making call for some yukon golds? Well, yu kon throw in sweet potato instead! Mashing up some potatoes for a dinner party? Bring a little life into your cornucopia with a sweet potato mash. While it’s true that the nutrition of sweet potatoes over normie potatoes has been vastly overstated (white potatoes have some benefits, too), my precious orange sweeties remain vastly superior in all cases—the one exception being french fries because sweet potato fries and regular fries are both very good.

So while it’s wise to disregard the GOOP detox, please do not throw these delicious lumpy tuber babies out with the raw GOOP bath water. Instead, roast yourself up a BSP (breakfast sweet potato) and LIVE. YOUR. BEST. LIFE.

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