In The Future, Meat Will Be Grown In A Lab


While it sounds like the plot of something Kurt Vonnegut might write after reading Upton Sinclair and then dropping acid, biologists claim that it’s not far fetched to assume that in the future, our meat won’t come from animals that we kill; it will be grown in petri dishes in giant labs by mad scientists who drive flying cars.

Using animal stem cells to grow meat will remove direct animal suffering from steak-eating, will allow deep space explorers to access a reliable source of protein, and help alleviate global hunger, say Vladimir Mironov and Nicholas Genovese, two Medical University of South Carolina researchers who are working to develop the technology to grow meat separately from the rest of the animal. Their research has been funded by both NASA and PETA.

Who knew that Skynet was made out of jerky?

Meat Lovers Get Food For Thought In Futuristic US Lab [The Independent]

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