Intense Nail Art To Impress And Intimidate


As everyone knows, your fingernails are the best way to show the world what you care about. And that you never do manual labor.

So what, you wonder, is the deal with nail art? Time for little art history lesson! Henna decoration of the nails is an ancient practice, of course, and Chinese women were lacquering their nails as early as 3000 B.C. In the 1920s, women favored a “moon manicure,” in which all but an oval was tinted. But nail polish as we know it in all its glossy, formaldehyde-laden glory, was invented by Revlon in 1932. Acrylic nails appeared in the 70s, and that’s when “creativity” really took off in a big way. While the 80s marked the beginning of true nail art masterpieces, the invention of the wrap took self-expression and artistry to extravagant new heights. Which brings us to today, a golden age of nail art when, whatever your passion, you can express it on your fingers.

Maybe you’re really nuts about the current trend in animal prints.

Maybe you love binary code!

Or are a Dolphins fan!

Or really, really, really like Super Mario Bros. — although, ironically, are unable to play it.

Perhaps you’re strangely proud of your abysmal eating habits.

Or you’re a…jazz…fan.

Or maybe, just maybe, you really like money and you want to put it out there.

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