Ironic as Hell GOP Ad Says The Government Should Stay Out Of Your Vag


Now that Obamacare’s implementation is all but inevitable, conservatives are doing all sorts of nutty shit to try to stop it at the last minute. They’re threatening to shut down the whole government over it, which is the political equivalent of cutting off one’s head to spite one’s face. They’re filing a metric crapton of lawsuits against it. But my favorite conservative freak out is where they tell people not to sign up for it — with this unbelievably ironic video aimed at young women. “Obamacare is letting the government into your vag!” says the party of the transvaginal ultrasound. Let’s go on a journey through the destruction of irony, like, as a concept.

Here are other ways that this ad is among the most hilariously self-implicating pieces of propaganda:

  • “OPT OUT” as the name of a conservative-helmed program when, like, it’s written right into the GOP’s platform that women who become pregnant should not be able to OPT OUT or pregnancy. Other things women seeking abortions would not be able to “OPT OUT” of, if the conservative party had its way: listening to a fetal heartbeat, looking at a fetal ultrasound, a transvaginal ultrasound, a condescending lecture from a doctor about scientifically debunked non-dangers of abortion. One proposed Texas law suggested women who seek abortions should have to take a mandatory adoption class. OPTING OUT!
  • “Don’t let the government play doctor,” says the tag line of an ad created by the same people who do exactly that, like, fucking constantly.
  • Uncle Sam long ago became young women’s creepy uncle when the government first got into all this vagina policing in the first place.
  • Remember when Rick Santorum was all “birth control pills give women a license to ‘do things'” and by “things” he meant “fuck”? Creeeee-pyyyyy.
  • What if we replaced the soundtrack of this ad with Republicans talking about female bodies? It would actually be a better ad.

Planned Parenthood responded swiftly and without pity. Here’s a statement from Eric Ferrero, VP of Communications for PPFA,

“It is hard to tell if this is real or if it’s a ‘Saturday Night Live’ parody about the hypocrisy of extremists who want to be in every exam room in America but don’t want to expand access to quality health care. These are the same extreme Koch-funded political groups who have tried to pass transvaginal ultrasound laws and other laws allowing politicians to interfere with people’s personal medical decisions. These videos are the height of hypocrisy, but more importantly they are irresponsible and dangerous, designed to spread misinformation and discourage people from getting access to high quality, affordable health care.”


Guys. Guys. This ad contains literally the most projection I’ve ever seen, and the other day stood next to a train to a male hipster reading Oscar Wilde who whispered “fag” under his breath as a trans woman deboarded. This is madness.


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