Is Ron DeSantis a Robot? You Decide.

The Florida governor isn't known for being likable, probably because he acts like a robot doing a poor impression of a human. Unless…

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Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) faces many obstacles in his effort to prevail over Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination—and one main one is that he’s not known for being a likable guy. In fact, ABC News obtained a video from his 2018 debate prep sessions in which an advisor told him to write the word “LIKABLE” in all caps at the top of his notepad for his debate with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum. “I do the same thing, ‘cause I have the same personality, we’re both aggressive,” the advisor said.

It’s possible that people don’t like DeSantis because he does things like ban abortion, bark at reporters, attack LGBTQ people, and restrict educators’ ability to accurately teach history. It’s also possible that people do not like him because he acts like a robot doing a poor impression of a human. DeSantis actually a robot? Or maybe a pull-string doll? A tiny alien wearing a human skin suit like in Men in Black? An android planted here to spy on us?

Please consider the following evidence.

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