Is The Entire Palin Clan Headed For Arizona?


Get ready for more Palins, Arizona! Rumor has it that the rest of the Palin family plans to follow Bristol when she settles into the house she just purchased in Arizona. That is, if Levi Johnston okays the move.

Bristol reportedly purchased the five-bedroom home in Maricopa because she plans to study at Arizona State University. Now a source tells Popeater, “Sarah has been looking at homes in Arizona, too. She wants to be close to her daughter and only grandchild.” And what young woman wouldn’t want to keep her entire family close while enrolled at a notorious party school?

A “dancing friend” adds:

Both Sarah and Bristol are millionaires and have had enough of Alaska. After spending so much time in Los Angeles it doesn’t surprise me at all that they are looking to move. Both were always raving about the sunshine and the fact you didn’t need a sun bed to get a suntan. I think Alaska has taken Sarah about as far as it can and now its time for her to move to the next state that can help her get the one thing she wants so much. To be president of all 50 states one day.

There’s still one hitch in the Palins’ nefarious plan to force moose chili and bumpits on the fine people of Arizona: Levi Johnston. His rep tells TMZ that he’s “aware” Bristol bought a house, but they haven’t discussed relocating their 2-year-old son Tripp. Bristol has primary custody, so even if Levi doesn’t consent, she could file a motion for approval from a judge.

However, it probably won’t come to that. Levi’s rep says he’s “not at all upset that Bristol is going to Arizona” and expects to meet with Bristol to negotiate the move after the holidays. It seems Levi’s just concerned with the cost of traveling to see his son, so presumably he won’t stand in the way of the Palin exodus to Arizona, as long as he can fly on their dime.

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