It's A Fine Line Between Dowdy And Dowdy-Chic


When a film mag and a whiskey come together to host an awards show, well, anything can happen. And sartorially speaking, did.

Keira Knightley walks a line between dowdy-chic (an oxymoron?) and dowdy in Rodarte.

Not just anyone could pull off this hue; Lily Cole makes it fun.

Sarah Harding, ready to take flight.

Georgie Henley shows off the current penchant for Art Nouveau themes. And for dancing.

Ophelia Lovibond goes mod — the purse is a bit of anachronism, like the modern penny in Out of the Past that takes Christopher Reeve away from Jane Seymour.

Olivia Williams in what appears to be a bejeweled carpenter’s apron.

I’m used to seeing Michelle Dockery in Downton period finery; she does modern classics just as well.

In a room full of understatement, Preeya Kalidas brings full-on glam.

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