'It's Very Anti-Pop': A Star Is Born Explained


In just nine days, we’ll be basking in yet another Oscars ceremony, this one with no host, fewer awards, and probably an exponential increase in disaster. To help you prepare for the schadenfreude, we’ve enlisted our beloved former Jezebel Managing Editor, Madeleine Davies, to walk you through the plot of every Best Picture nominee.

In this edition, she tackles A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga’s Best Actress bet and Bradley Cooper’s Rosebud, a timeless tale about love and destruction on the road seen through the eyes of two ramblin’ musicians. Though Davies does not make the case for A Star Is Born 2 being a simple buddy comedy about scene-stealer drag performers Shangela and Willem, she does make the case that ASIB is anti-pop, a rockist vehicle of a certain recent vintage. She gets into it in the video above.

Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden, Creative Producer: Joon Chung

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