Jared And Ivanka Have This Whole Impeachment Thing Under Control

Jared And Ivanka Have This Whole Impeachment Thing Under Control

As the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump widens and every hour seems to bring more incriminating news, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are working hard to make the whole thing seem like no big deal. Given their incredible track record of getting things done, we’re sure this will turn out well.

According to numerous news reports, Jared, along with White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, is leading Trump’s impeachment strategy, which at the moment seems to be… letting Trump say whatever the hell he wants? A truly brilliant move by a master tactician.

Ivanka, for her part, has been strenuously avoiding any whisper of impeachment, instead spending her time posting entirely too on the nose photos of her son dressed up as a stormtrooper and tweeting out chirpy news about her public relations campaign to empower every last woman on the planet. But that might be changing—last Friday night, Ivanka spoke publicly for the first time on the impeachment inquiry with Fox’s Trish Regan, and she did her best (bless her heart) to make the case that she and her dad are focused on anything but impeachment. If this is also part of Jared’s grand plan, well, good luck on that.

“Is it ever hard to stay focused at a time like this?” Regan asked her, obliquely referring to impeachment. (You can watch the full interview here.)

“No, I always believe that there are certain things that are completely outside of your control, and to be successful, you just have to focus on what’s before you, and drive hard every single day to make an impact. Your time and service, our time here, is finite,” Ivanka responded. “It’s sand through an hourglass, and you have to remember that. The amount of time you have to make the greatest possible impact is short in the scheme of life.” And possibly shortened because of alleged crimes, but I digress!

Later in the interview, Regan directly brought up impeachment. “What do you think of what’s going on right now, with the Democrats’ attempt to impeach your dad?” Regan asked her.

Ivanka responded, “I think everything’s a question of priorities. We have our priorities in the White House. We’re fighting every day for the American worker. We’re fighting every day to improve the quality of life for every single person in this country, and we’re delivering in that fight and on that promise. That’s our priority.”

She continued, “Let’s lean in to these areas that people want us to be delivering on.” Unfortunately for Ivanka and her family, a majority of the American people now want Congress to lean in on delivering the impeachment inquiry into her dad.

At another point during the interview, Regan brought up impeachment again. “I know if it were my father, I would just be angry, I would be defensive. It would be hard for me to keep doing the work you’re doing,” she said. “This is your family, this is your family name.”

Ivanka had this to say: “I think it focuses all of us, and we just want to continue to fight and win for the American people, and nothing’s going to distract us.”

She added, “Maybe it’s a genetic thing. Trumps are fighters.”

That’s one way to put it!

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