Jesse James' Book Cover Features Aura Of Lawlessness, Phallic Symbol


The Jesse James memoir, American Outlaw, hits stores on May 3, but the cover has already been revealed. The TV star and chopper enthusiast has, like so many high school kids at Six Flags, posed for a sepia-toned portrait reminiscent of the American West in the late 19th century. James is suited up as a gunslinger, the the .44 Magnum revolver he’s gripping a thinly veiled metaphor for his dick. It’s a fairly good effort at making him seem cool, like a dangerous outlaw instead of an untouchable revolting pariah and adulterer. Seriously, he is an outlaw, if you consider that to mean someone who operates outside the law, and you consider cheating on your wife illegal. Although he’s cemented in our consciousness as a Nazi enthusiast and man who had sex on a couch in the workplace, James says: “My life has been defined by many things and not just the events of the last year.” And: “People claim to know everything about me, when they actually know nothing… But once you read this, you will know everything -– the whole story, right here.”

Jesse James Uncovers Memoir Book Jacket [People]

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