Johnny Depp Received Standing Ovations This Weekend, Performed Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’

As he awaits a verdict in his defamation trial, the actor joined Jeff Beck twice onstage--once at the Royal Albert Hall--and fans went wild.

Johnny Depp Received Standing Ovations This Weekend, Performed Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’
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One might imagine awaiting a verdict in a highly publicized, heavily scrutinized six-week trial would leave one pretty knackered, as the British say. Not for Johnny Depp, who’s spent the last month and a half litigating his ex-wife Amber Heard’s upsetting abuse claims in a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom. Instead of say, keeping a low profile until reconvening in court, the actor jetted to London and made back-to-back surprise appearances at friend and singer Jeff Beck’s show over the weekend—as one does!

On Sunday and Monday, Depp was reportedly met with a standing ovation as he took to the stage, first at Beck’s show in Sheffield and on the following day at the famed Royal Albert Hall. Depp sang alongside Beck for a 20-minute set—joining him again for the encore—and performed a series of covers that included John Lennon’s “Isolation,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing,” and Marvin Gay’s “What’s Going On.”

Indeed, what is going on? On Friday, the jury was released for deliberation following particularly contentious closing arguments. Heard’s lawyers double-downed on the varying abuse claims—from sexual assault to several physical arguments—with the actress’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn noting the significance of what the court’s ruling will mean for victims of similar abuse: “A ruling against Amber here sends a message that no matter what you do as an abuse victim, you always have to do more.”

While Camille Vasquez, one of Depp’s lawyers and newborn feminist icon among Depp devotees, alleged Heard’s claims have “ruined” Depp’s life and urged the jurors to “give him his life back.”

Onstage with Beck, Depp’s life looked…pretty okay. Naturally, an onslaught of the actor’s fans took to Instagram and Twitter to applaud the appearances. “Johnny Depp getting that good Royal Albert Hall praise while entering the stage tonight,” one commended. “Good for him,” applauded another.

While the jury wasn’t quite so busy over the weekend, they resumed deliberation on Tuesday. No word yet on whether or not Depp and his ruined life will continue the concert tour.

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