Just Some Nice Photos of The Crown's Olivia Colman in a Giant-Ass Coat

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Image: Backgrid (Backgrid)

It’s a good day to be Olivia Colman. Yesterday, it was reported that she would star alongside The Crown comrade Helena Bonham Carter in a “socially distanced” pantomime of Cinderella on BBC Two. If I were cast in a reimagining of one of the most famous fairy tales of all time, I would celebrate. And Olivia Colman did exactly that, in a big coat.

This morning, the legendary actress took a stroll in a coat so big, I could live inside of it like that story of a woman in a shoe. I believe it was a woman, and I believe it was a shoe, but it also could have been a mouse, and a boot. These things are permeable. Anyway, Colman was papped out and about in London in said puffer, with jeans and sneakers, and a cozy little hat. Her jaunt through town seemed perfect and celebratory. Sometimes, a person needs a little stroll, especially when they get news like Colman has. Good for her! I hope it was a fine stroll, and not too windy.

Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what a pantomime is. It might be with funny little masks, or a thing about makeup, where the more self-serious theatre kids flex their ability to make weird shapes with their bodies. It isn’t really clear how it relates to Cinderella at all! Worse, I’m not sure that BBC Two is available in the states, so apologies to Ms. Colman and the good folks at the network if I do something illegal in the next few weeks.

There’s more I could say, probably, but I just really like her coat!

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