Kanye, Katy and Kim Wear All Black Everything at Paris Fashion Week

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If you’re going to Paris Fashion Week, there’s a few things you should get straight: 1. what color you’re going to wear, and 2. it’d better be all black.

Thankfully, a somewhat unlikely pairing took note: KimYe and Katy Perry, who were spotted “lurking” in all black everything at the Givenchy show earlier this evening.

Givenchy design head Riccardo Tisci said it best: “Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the world.” He neglected to mention that black also hides period and/or fallen French fry ketchup stains, slims a large booty, and is the shade that some people mistakenly think is the color of the sky at midnight, but they’re wrong, it’s actually a super dark blue that’s almost black. [AP Online]

What do you get when you combine $300,000 and a man with a sensitive disposition? An acetate disc that contains some of Elvis’s first recordings, purchased anonymously (oops) by Jack White, who played Mr. Presley in a 2007 film. White plans to release the recordings under his label on April 18, a.k.a. Record Store Day. [New York Times]

I guess if it’s a high holy day like Purim and you’re Madonna your first line of thought when getting dressed might be, “Hey, where’s that face mask I bought from Rite-Aid? And those $1100 Stella McCartney platforms. Hand me my Stella McCartney platforms!” (A closer look at the mask, btw, reveals a badge of sorts that says, “Bitch, I’m A Sock.” Naturally.) [Daily Mail]

“American royalty” Paris Hilton still wears Juicy Couture tracksuits. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Kim Kardashian took her pink fur, white fur hair, and “fatty” out for a stroll in Paris. [Bossip]

•While Kylie Jenner her took hers out for a stroll in Los Angeles. [Radar]

•And Dakota Johnson took her bangs to Paris Fashion Week. [Grazia]

Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Madden also went for a walk in Los Angeles (and look very adorable together). [Daily Mail]

Giuliana Rancic, however, has no “fatty.” In fact, she’s got “skinny shamers.” [Inquisitr]

•The guy who owns the Bunny Ranch wrote a memoir, I guess. [Page Six]

Images via AP and Splash News

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