Kate Gosselin 'Profoundly Concerned' About Jon Firing Guns Willy-Nilly

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I mean, fair enough, Kate Gosselin. Fair enough. In case you missed it, last weekend Jon Gosselin caught a paparazza sneaking about his Grizzly Adams mountain cabin, so he grabbed a gun and fired a “warning shot” (and, one hopes, yelled, “GIT, YE FILTHY VARMINT! SCRAM! SKEDADDLE!” and then Hammer-shuffled out of the frame playing the banjo).

We’re told she is “profoundly concerned” that Jon was armed last weekend when he left a restaurant, returned home and fired a warning shot in the air to scare a trespassing photog off his property. She says it was an “extreme reaction.”

Kate is saying she’s dumbfounded that Jon didn’t just call 911 to report the trespasser.

We’re told she’s talking to her people about getting an order requiring Jon to keep all firearms under lock and key when the kids are visiting. She also wants the judge to somehow restrict his right to fire weapons when the children are there.

Not against it. [TMZ]

Gosselin frenemy Michael Lohan is being a dick about his one daughter getting plastic surgery to look like his other daughter.

Ashley Horn has undergone a series of plastic surgery procedures—to the tune of a cool $25,000 in a bid to look like her estranged half sister Lindsay Lohan.
And, true to his usual outspoken form, Michael Lohan, who is father to both girls, has quite a lot to say on the subject!
“It’s disgusting and totally crazy!” Lohan tells Popdust in a exclusive interview. “It’s totally shocking. Why on earth would she do something like this? It’s just sick and twisted.
“She’s only 18 years old and she’s undergoing plastic surgery? She was a really pretty girl in her own right, why would she do something like this?”

K, guyz. [PopDust]

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  • On your way, brave traveler.

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