Kayleigh McEnany Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Toddlers Everywhere, Erroneously Reports Paw Patrol's Cancelation

Kayleigh McEnany Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Toddlers Everywhere, Erroneously Reports Paw Patrol's Cancelation
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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is very upset about the treatment of cops in this country following… a litany of filmed incidents in which the cops killed, maimed, and otherwise terrorized innocent Americans. During Friday afternoon’s press briefing, McEnany went on a screed against so-called “cancel culture” and expressed her dismay over the cultural shift away from the blind adulation of law enforcement. She did this by lamenting the cancelation of the extremely popular children’s television series, Paw Patrol.

“We saw a few weeks ago that Paw Patrol, a cartoon show about cops, was canceled,” McEnany said. “The show Cops was canceled, Live PD was canceled. Lego halted the sales of their Lego City Police.”

“It’s really unfortunate,” McEnany continued. “Because I stand with, the president stands with, the 53 percent of Americans who believe police officers have the most important jobs in this country.”

The purge of television shows glorifying real-life cop encounters was long overdue. The cancelation of long-running series Cops is a relief and while Live PD’s cancelation has proven ruinous for A&E’s ratings, it’s hard to mourn the loss of yet another exploitative jaunt into the lives of some of America’s most vulnerable people. But McEnany’s ode to cop franchises was not only insipid, it was a smidge inaccurate.

Surprise, Kay Kay: Paw Patrol is doing just fine.

The official Paw Patrol Twitter account released a simple statement, noting that Paw Patrol was not canceled.

It could have taken two seconds for anyone on McEnany’s team to Google “Is Paw Patrol canceled” and find the June 11 Snopes article confirming that it isn’t, and that rumors of its cancelation were simply jokes that followed the demise of Cops and the conversation about Americans’ cultural addiction to “copaganda” amidst mass Black Lives Matter protests.

Whoops! Well, at least the parents of America can rest easy knowing that those cop dogs aren’t going anywhere. But maybe… they should.

The 2020 election is right around the corner and the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, still hasn’t tapped someone (a woman!!!) to be his Vice President.

So who do we have on the docket? It appears that the Biden camp is still trying to go through every Black woman with a D next to her name until they find the perfect match. Kamala Harris? Likely. Stacey Abrams? A niche favorite but less likely. Val Demings? Black but perhaps a little too unknown. Barbara Lee? Too lefty. Karen Bass?

Oh, Karen Bass! My hometown Congresswoman who Politico dubbed the “anti-Kamala Harris.” Hm, okay, moving on.

Politico reports that Bass is being vetted by the Biden campaign as a potential VP pick. A dark horse, for sure, but hey, it’s 2020, anything can happen.

From Politico:

While the congresswoman from Los Angeles remains a long shot, her unassuming approach, muted ambitions and decades of advocating on health care and race issues while far outside the national spotlight have captured the interest of the Biden campaign.
A former physician assistant and nurse who now heads the Congressional Black Caucus, Bass has seen her profile rise of late amid the twin crises of the coronavirus pandemic and national reckoning with racism. Her standing in the VP search has improved based on private assessments shared with Biden’s team.
Bass lacks the political operation and national network of top rivals for the job. But she’s also made clear that, like Biden, she could be viewed as a transitional figure in the Democratic Party who currently harbors little interest in seeking the White House herself when he leaves office.

Okay, where’s the but?

Bass has faced blowback for lamenting the death of “Comandante en jefe” (commander in chief) Fidel Castro in 2016, remarks that were seen as overly respectful and drew the ire of Florida Democrats. And her lack of a political network — beyond what she inherited and built on as leader of the CBC — also surfaced doubts among top Biden donors who favor better-known prospects.
“I don’t think you can go with someone that is there to hold a place and not outshine you,” a Biden bundler said of Bass.

If upsetting some Cuban-Americans from Florida is enough to end someone’s VP prospects then I guess that’s it for Bass (and anyone else who dares say a single positive thing about Cuba). But she has a lot going for her: She has a relatively progressive voting record and is well respected among California politicians and her largely black constituents. Still, I can’t help but feel doubtful about Bass’s chances. It seems too much like a reasonable thing for such an unreasonable time.

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