Kelly Osbourne Got A Tattoo On the Side of Her Head


Kelly Osbourne, who has been killing it with that lavender mohawk, went under the needle and got some ink done—on the side of her head. The tattoo is very basic (not like basic bitches, normal basic), featuring only text that reads “Stories…” Still, who the hell knows what “Stories…” could possibly mean?

She posted photos to her Instagram of herself and tattoo artist Dr. Woo at the Shamrock Social Club, and it does look sort of intense.

I hate migraines, so I don’t think I would ever willingly put myself through one for any moment of time. Although, it is practical, if I got a head tattoo and then hated it, I could just wait like a week for the hair to grow over it. Of course if I was getting a tattoo on the side of my head you best believe it would be of Keanu Reeves in Point Break, when he frustratedly shoots at the sky. So I would NEVER want to cover that up. The world needs to SEE. Maybe the hair growing thing is all part of Osbourne’s plan since she did opt to have some of her tattoos removed at the end of last year.

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