Kevin Hart Continues to Be Very Sorry For His Homophobic Remarks

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The Academy Awards are still without a host and Kevin Hart is still without a hosting job… perhaps that’s why he’s launched an apology tour for his bad tweets, though I’m sure no one really wants to hear it from him anymore.

He apologized on Ellen DeGeneres’s television program. He apologized on Twitter. Now, he has hopped on his own podcast, “Straight from the Hart” and apologized AGAIN, just in case the powers that be are interested in giving him his job back. Speaking in the third person for reasons unknown, Hart said “Once again, Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.”

He’s sorry. I get it. We get it. I still don’t think he’s going to get his hosting job back, but watching him apologize over and over again is no longer entertaining. Apologies only serve to make the apologizer feel better, especially if the apology is executed over and over and over again, growing more insistent with every turn. Kevin Hart is sorry for what he said because he lost a gig. That’s it! Case closed.


I don’t know why Nicki Minaj is still running her mouth about Meek Mill, as it has been literally two years since they broke up and she’s clearly moved on with Kenneth Petty, but you know what, she’s not listening to me, so! Here we are.

During a concert on January 5, Minaj reportedly said on stage that she could tell “secrets” about Meek, should we ask for that (we haven’t), but she won’t. Seems like if she has the secrets, she might as well spill them, because mentioning that there are secrets in the first place is almost as bad as telling the secrets! Spill the beans, girl.

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