Kylie Jenner Thinks Her Lips Are ‘More Famous Than Kim’s Butt,' Is Probably Right

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Last spring, Kylie Jenner decided to make lips her thing. Because the Kardashian-Jenners are very good at convincing people of just about anything, we all quickly accepted that lips were, in fact, her thing. But, as a species that covets what we see, plenty of us were mangled during failed attempts to make her lips our thing, too.

Kylie, ever the entrepreneur, heard the cries of the injured and announced this weekend that she would sell a branded lip kit so everyone could have lips as iconic as hers. The line sold out in seconds, and—because of her enormous success—it’s being reported that Kylie thinks her lips are “more famous than Kim’s butt.”

She’s probably right. And Kim seems OK with it.


In an interview with HuffPo Live, Kyle Richards said Yolanda Foster “100 percent has Lyme disease.” Good to know!

Richards continued:

There’s no question about that at all, so I really want to be clear about that because there have been people thinking I doubted or questioned it because of a comment made in which I was discussing the trailer for the upcoming season.

In addition to Richards’s comments, Radar is reporting that Yolanda has a “secret plan to prove she has Lyme disease” on this season of Real Housewives. Says a source, “There are binders of medical reports, lab test results that Yolanda has, and will go public with. She has absolutely nothing to hide.”

Not that I don’t believe her (I do!), but Yolanda does have a tendency of laying her Lyme diagnosis on pretty thick:

[Us Weekly / Radar Online]

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