Levi Johnston, Mother, & Sister Complain About Palins On Tyra

Today, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, grandma, and aunt were on Tyra to “break their silence” about the living “nightmare” that is being illegitimate in-laws of the Palin family.

The Johnston’s said they wanted to speak publicly because they are sick of the Palin family and the media tarnishing their name. They chose this particular forum — the Tyra show — to let everyone know that they are not “white trash.” However, mom Sherry’s weird non-answer when asked about her drug charges, and sister Mercede’s (yep, it’s “Mercede,” singular) feud with Bristol over the fact that Mercede is friends with a bunch of other girls that Levi did not practice abstinence with, may make their case a bit flimsy. Actually, their problems — drugs, harassing texts, teen sex, “not bein’ able to see my granbaby” — sounded similar to those of litigants on Judge Judy, most of whom, I’m quite sure, would certainly be classified by some as “white trash”.

Whatever the case, Bristol released a statement via Sarah Palin’s political team:

Which made absolutely no sense, seeing as how Tyra pointed out that no one gets paid to go on the Tyra show.

Apparently there’s tons of acrimony between the Palins and the Johnstons, most of which seems to stem from Mercede, who is all up in the mix. (Why does she have such close relationships with all the people her brother frigs anyway?)

The Johnstons only get to see baby Tripp about once a month, and he is not allowed to leave the Palin house with them. There also seems to be some tension regarding taking pictures with Tripp, because the Palins fear that the Johnstons will sell them to tabloids.

Levi didn’t do much talking during the whole interview, except to say that he thinks that Sarah Palin was aware that he and Bristol were doing it, and that she didn’t say anything to them about abstinence.

The thing is, the Johnstons were supposed to be breaking their silence, but even though they were talking, they didn’t really say all that much. And what they did say was kind of confusing. Case in point: Sherry’s difficulty in expressing what’s going on inside her head:

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