Lisa Edelstein Calls Out GOP In New Pro-Choice Commercial


In a new ad, House star Lisa Edelstein plays a woman who comes face to face with a coat hanger thanks to the GOP’s “all out assault on women’s health.” The commercial, titled “We Won’t Go Back to the Back Alley,” will appear on various cable networks. The accompanying petition reads:

After a huge public outcry, Republicans are back-pedaling from an outrageous attempt to redefine rape.
But the GOP attacks on women’s health continue-including a bill that would allow hospitals to let a pregnant woman die rather than perform a life-saving abortion.
And there’s more. Another bill would effectively prevent women from using their own money to purchase insurance that includes abortion coverage in the new insurance exchanges, among other things. Rep. Carolyn Maloney called it “the deepest attack on a woman’s right to choose in my lifetime.”
We need to act right away. Can you sign the petition telling Congress to oppose Republican attacks on a woman’s right to choose?

Edelstein told Ms. that she decided to do the ad because:

This is an attack on women’s rights that’s taking place behind closed doors and fine print legislation. They’re not attacking Roe v. Wade directly, they want to make it impossible for women to choose abortion. … [Most people] rely on organizations like MoveOn to let us know what’s going on. They’re in the trenches and paying attention…
I want to shine a light on what’s happening. No matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican–this is not about the GOP, although we mention them in the ad–voters need to know that their representatives are trying to take away their rights.

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