Lizzo and Missy Elliott Pay Homage to Thick Thighs, Post Malone Doesn't Wow, and Becky G Is Back


Oh hell friggin’ yeah: Lizzo ft. Missy Elliott, “Tempo” – Lizzo continues her streak of putting out ridiculously good singles as she teases her new album, Cuz I Love You, with this call to the dance floor. Lizzo and Missy both bring it as they pay homage to thick thighs, big butts, and your best girlfriends. “Slow songs are for skinny hoes,” Lizzo states matter-of-factly as the beat skates by. I hope I dance to this song at least once this weekend. —Frida Garza

Y: Megan Thee Stallion, “Sex Talk” – Megan Thee Stallion makes it sound easy, rapping tight and steady over a woozy beat, and while her dead-serious delivery borders on menacing, “Sex Talk” shows she’s still got a sense of humor. “He never finna leave me ‘cause I got that drip drop,” she says in a sing-song voice. “Said his last bitch still fuckin’ like a robot.” I’m so proud to be from Texas today. —FG

Nah: Post Malone, “Wow.” (music video) – Wow, I can’t believe I sat through that entire video. “Wow.” doesn’t even possess the inescapable, undeniable hooks of Post Malone’s better tracks, “Rockstar” or “Better Now,” and the video is just a collection of behind-the-scenes tour shit that, if it weren’t for the gratuitous smoking and drinking, wouldn’t even earn a PG-13 rating. —Maria Sherman

Why?: Why Don’t We and Macklemore, “I Don’t Belong In This Club” – Disclaimer: of the current young boy bands coming out of the United States hoping to fill a One Direction-sized void, my least favorite is Why Don’t We, a group that drops casual misogyny in their biggest singles like it is their job. Unfortunately for me, “I Don’t Belong In This Club,” is kind of a 2019-banger, save for the addition of Macklemore. Why… Don’t We remove his bars? —MS

Ok: Panic! at the Disco, “Dancing’s Not a Crime” – Who could’ve expected Panic! at the Disco would become a lasting pop music force 15 years after their humble, emo beginnings in Las Vegas? “Dancing’s Not a Crime” is a great tune for teens and their Queen-loving parents who just don’t get the kids’ music these days, a high-energy, PG-anthem whose message is right there in the title. Dance, it’s fun and free and certainly not a crime. —MS

Y: Honeyblood, “Glimmer” – Glaswegian group Honeyblood has always expressed a mastery of lo-fi, high-energy indiepop. Now the solo project of founding member Stina Tweeddale, the project’s sound hasn’t lost its central focus—it’s only become more streamlined. “Glimmer,” and it’s repeated line, “Watch out, she’ll bewitch you,” is a head nod to Honeyblood’s earliest, catchy-misandry, and a gesture to the project’s future: more of the same, but better all the time. —MS

Y: Jayda G, “Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On the DF)” – Canadian producer and DJ (the real kind) Jayda G has a debut album out today, filled with dance songs inspired by the funk and disco she often spins in her sets. I’m partial to this song, which also functions as a call-out to everyone looking at their phones on the dance floor. – Hazel Cills

Y: Becky G, “Green Light Go” – the Mexican-American artist to watch is back with another English language single per the request of fans after she successfully took a deep dive into Spanish with very a many collabs and became one of the top women in urbano. But why not dominate on both ends? In 2018 she told Galore “I always say I’m the 200 percent — 100 percent proud to be Latina and 100 percent proud to be American.” Amen. This is a perfect feel-good confidence booster for the start of warm weather. —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

Si: Alex Cuba ft. Silvana Estrada, “Dividido” – Extremely my shit in every way. First off, they worked on this song in a treehouse (my future place of residence). Secondly, few people can make a song about how divided the world is this damn pleasant. In the above teaser they omit the name of the visionary who got these two to collaborate, but I send them a hearty thank you. Said it once and I’ll say it again, don’t sleep on Estrada—whose honey-infused voice has soul-healing properties. “Razón tienen las aves al migrar, volar cambiando de aire y de lugar… sin miedo a descubrir lo nuevo,” sings Cuban-Canadian Cuba. Agreed. I, for one, want to float on over to wherever this was cooked up and have this creative energy seep into my pores. —ELC

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