Love Actually Sequel Has a Trailer and Thank God Laura Linney Showed Up


In previous teasers for the Red Nose Day charity special Love Actually sequel, there was no sign of Laura Linney. Of the many characters who were used and abused in the original film, Laura Linney got it the worst. She was *this close* to making it with Rodrigo Santoro, and sacrificed it all to take care of her brother. Why? It made no sense.

Thank goodness there is some hint in this new trailer that her character may be getting a second chance at love. Santoro isn’t in it, so I really hope they pair her with someone of equal or greater hotness. Sex justice for Sarah! Everyone else appears to be taking up where they left off, except on the older side. For example, Hugh Grant can’t quite dance down the stairs like he used to, but we do get to watch him fall down them.

Colin Firth can still pull off a turtleneck. Kiera Knightley is still being placard stalked by a bearded Andrew Lincoln, though he appears to be wearing a wedding ring. I hope that means he found someone else, because this plot line has not aged as well as Chiwetel Ejiofor, who has aged very, very well. Will this short sequel fix all our complaints about the original? Give everyone the happy ending they deserve? Or will it set up more disappointments for another reunion in 14 years? If Sarah has to wait another decade to get laid, I will lose it.

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