Mac Miller's Death was Allegedly the Breaking Point for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, the consummate Cancer (her) and Scorpio (him) pairing, called off their engagement over the weekend, prompted by Ariana’s grief over the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Speaking anonymously, a mutual friend of the couple claimed that Ariana’s mood had darkened following Miller’s death, a suspected drug overdose.

Ariana was in an incredibly dark place following her ex-boyfriend’s apparent fatal overdose. She didn’t blame herself — she feels she did everything she could to get him sober — but it left her an emotional wreck.

Ariana was present at Pete’s Saturday taping of SNL, so it is being presumed that the breakup occurred sometime Sunday. Throughout their courtship, Pete, who has also struggled with addiction, exhibited a litany of concerning behaviors, or at least a propensity for inappropriate oversharing. Most recently, he joked about swapping Ari’s birth control pills for Tic-Tacs. The fallout from Mac Miller’s death may have been the final straw, but I’m hesitant to accredit the breakup entirely to Ariana’s “moods.”


No, Jenna Dewan Most Certainly is NOT Having a Hard Time As a Divorcee, Thank You Very Much

It was reported by In Touch that Jenna Dewan, freshly divorced from Channing Tatum’s squint, was in a state of distress over the breakup, struggling to date. A new source has claimed this as fallacy: her spirits? good! Her dating options? Vast.

Sidenote: I alone seem to have resisted the agenda of the Channing Tatum Industrial Complex. I do not think this man is handsome, and I do not think that the pair was equally yoked in terms of their respective hotness. I find Jenna stunning; I feel absolutely nothing for Channing. His eyes are eerily close. His ears, unnervingly low.

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