Manhattan Madam Vows To Press On


Manhattan MadamKristin Davis didn’t win the New York gubernatorial race, and she didn’t reach her secondary goal of getting 50,000 votes. But the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate says she’s not finished yet.

According to the NY Observer, Davis’s platform included legalizing marijuana (which California also failed to do yesterday), prostitution, and casinos. She also says she provided call girls for Eliot Spitzer. She had hoped to rack up 50,000 votes to get the Anti-Prohibition Party a slot on New York ballots for the coming four years, but she’d only garnered 22,775 as of today — right behind Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, who got 39,856. Says Davis of her future,

I haven’t made any concrete plans but I do know that a lot of New Yorkers have come up to me on the campaign trail and a lot of gay and lesbian community have said ‘will you please keep fighting for me if I give you my vote’ and I don’t plan on letting those people down.

Maybe she could get a gig on Parker Spitzer?

Manhattan Madam Plans To Keep Fighting [NY Observer]
The Rent May Be Too DAMN High, But Vote Totals Were Too DAMN Low [NY Daily News]

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