March 6, 2011


THE BIG PICTURE | Washington, March 5: Prosser players celebrate after winning the girls’ Division 2A basketball championship by defeating Burlington Edison 50-33. [AP]

Sex Toy Demonstrating Professor Is Sorry You’re So Mad

Northwestern University’s Professor J. Michael Baily has issued a sorta kinda non-apology for a controversial after class sex demonstration he held last month that has all of Chicago’s pearls being clutched like they’ve never been clutched before. Read more »

Whither The Alpha, Beta, Or Omega Female?

While talking to a friend about alpha males, he mentioned that I was “kind of like” one myself. Like most women who are likened to men, I was initially proud of this fact, then confused as to what it implied, then dismissive of the notion all together. Read more »

Why Are Movie Previews Always Voiced By An Intense, Older White Male?

Men and women sure are different! Whenever I hear a woman’s voice I’m all, “This is so soothing!” and when I hear a man’s voice I’m like, “Whoa! Whatever he’s saying must be important!” Read more »

Who Will Replace Galliano At Dior?

John Galliano may have lawyered up and non-apology-apologized for his infamous “I love Hitler” rant – preserved forever by a cell phone video – but if he thinks he’s going to somehow be welcomed back at Dior, he’s dreaming. So who’s going to replace him? Here are the names being mentioned. Read more »

The Storied Past Of Northwestern’s Sex Professor

Northwestern prof J. Michael Bailey drew fire this week for treating students to a live demonstration of a “fucksaw.” But that little how-to wasn’t Bailey’s first brush with infamy. Read more »

Behind The Decline In Teen Sex

Teens are apparently getting it on less often than they used to – and while abstinence-only education may be a factor, it’s not the whole story. Now the crusty old grownups are left wondering why. Read more »

The Alleged Rise Of The Female Condom

USA Today says female condoms are “making a comeback in U.S. cities.” The evidence? Scant. But let’s take a look at why no one goes crazy over this form of contraception. Read more »

What To Do When You Hate All Of Your Clothes (Winter Edition)

So it’s March. It’s still cold. You’re broke. You open your closet and your heart sinks. New York’s been in the grip of a winter that’s reminiscent of Groundhog Day. Sweaters are pilled, tights are stretched, boots are salt-stained and scuffed. What to do? Read more »

Senate Women Put The Smack Down On Anti-Women Legislation

When the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood and cut all funding to clinics that provide women’s health services, the stirring speeches of two women, Rep. Gwen Moore and Rep. Jackie Speier, went viral. Then the Senators had their turn. Read more »

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