Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears to Kick Gun Control Advocate, Twice

A video posted to Twitter shows the Georgia congresswoman getting belligerent with people questioning her on gun violence.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears to Kick Gun Control Advocate, Twice
Photo:Getty (Getty Images)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) proudly tweeted a video of herself appearing to kick a gun control advocate who was questioning her about school shootings on Thursday and telling another to move out of the country.

The former activist, Marianna Pecorra of Voters of Tomorrow, shared Greene’s video on Thursday, confirming what appears to be Greene kicking her as she tries to ask the congresswoman questions.

In the video shared by Greene, activist Santiago Mayer presses the Republican congresswoman on her support for guns.

“I’m protecting children,” Greene says.

“You’re helping children get shot in school,” Mayer replies, prompting Greene to argue, “No, no, I’m not.”

“No, guns rights protect people,” Greene says. “You’re scared of guns. You’re scared of legal gun ownership.”

Greene goes onto suggest that Mayer move to another country that restricts gun ownership if he has a problem with American laws. “You guys should move to some country where you can’t have guns,” the congresswoman says.

Seconds later, when Pecorra walks in front of Greene—still walking at the same pace of the group—asking, “How does the second amendment prevent gun violence?” Greene appears to kick Pecorra twice, causing Pecorra to stumble forward and say, “Oh my god.”

“You can’t block members of Congress,” Greene’s aide says after witnessing the incident.

Later in the video—which, again, Greene tweeted from her official congressional account—another woman confronts her. “I was in Boulder during the Colorado shooting at the supermarket, where ten people were murdered on the street,” the woman says.

“You know what? I support people to protect themselves with their guns, OK?” Greene replies.

“Shouldn’t Americans have the right to go to the grocery store without the fear of being murdered?” the woman responds.

“Americans should have the right to protect themselves,” Greene says. “Gun-free zones is where people die.”

Of course, it pretty much goes without saying at this point: Greene is dead wrong. Guns are almost never used in self-defense. Guns are the problem.

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