Meet the My Little Pony of Your Nightmares


Bah! Are you absolutely terrified/vomiting all over your computer in disgust? Or do you think that this custom My Little Pony that sprung from out of the surrealist fertilizer in Wrenniepooh‘s imagination is sort of cute? This ocular prancing pony may be a little dated, but don’t worry because there’s still plenty of time before Halloween for you to try and follow these simple instructions for making your own Eyeball Creep:

This pony was made from a baity G3 October Dreams birthstone pony who had her jewel cut out. I smoothed over the pony’s eyes, neck seam, tail and hair plug holes with Apoxy Clay. Real glass taxidermy eyes of various types were used, super glued to the pony, then sculpted eyelids added using Apoxy Clay. I used a thin sewing needle to add tiny holes for “eyelashes” to be inserted into later. This pony was painted first with a “whitewash” coat of thin white paint to even out the tone between the green plastic and the white apoxy, then sponge painted with several layers of flesh toned paint, shading, and highlights. It was then sealed with 2 layers of Mod Podge. The tear ducts and inner lids were glossed with a thick layer of Aleene’s Paper Glaze for a wet look. The “eyelashes” are natural horsehair, individually placed and glued into each tiny hole.

Not only does Eyeball Creep seem like horrifying character fresh from the Silent Hill franchise, but it’s also a great tool for keeping an ornery toddler in line. All you have to do is set Eyeball Creep by your child’s bed, smooth the kid’s hair, and whisper, very seriously, “Eyeball Creep never sleeps, sweetie, so if you don’t want to be clippity-clopped in the night, try not to make any sudden movements. Don’t cry, either. Eyeball Creep has cried enough tears to fill a new Sargasso Sea.”

Eyeball Creep: a very special My Little Pony [Boing Boing]

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