Men Say They Only Attend Birthing Classes To Humor Ladies


A Swedish study found that while 46% of participants in childbirth classes are men, most say they’re mainly attending for the sake of their partners. (That would explain the curious lack of single men in Lamaze classes.)

That isn’t to say that men don’t care about the birth. Researchers report the classes are often aimed solely at the mothers-to-be, so guys turn to “other sources of information ahead of childbirth, such as their workmates or relatives.”

Study author Asa Premberg says fathers should have opportunities to discuss their concerns with professionals, as goofy coworkers usually aren’t authorities on birthing babies. “It’s important that men too have an opportunity to talk about their fears and ask the midwife questions if they’re to feel it’s worth taking part,” says Premberg.

Men Go To Birthing Classes For Partner [UPI]

Image via PashOK/Shutterstock.

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