Men, Wear a Skirt!

Bratt Pitt recently attended the premiere of Bullet Train sporting a flirty linen skirt that showed off his calf tats. Men, take note.

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Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday, Brad Pitt beat the sweltering temps currently melting most of Europe by wearing one of the few clothing items that make sense when it’s nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 58-year-old actor turned up to the Berlin premiere of his latest movie, Bullet Train, donning a casual and cool linen ensemble that, paired with his black combat boots, placed his tattooed calves on beautiful display. When an Associated Press reporter asked Pitt what made him choose the kilt, he responded, “The breeze.” Smart.

Back in 2004, Pitt believed male skirts were about to have a moment. “Men will be wearing skirts by next summer,” Pitt said while promoting Troy. “That’s my prediction and proclamation.” In the 18 years since that proclamation, we’ve seen a smattering of men don the skirt (Harry Styles’ 2020 photoshoot with Vogue is, perhaps, the most extraordinary example), though not the onslaught of skirt-wearing Pitt seemed to think his Achilles would inspire. But since climate change isn’t going anywhere, we think it’s finally time for men to start dropping trou and zipping up a skirt.

Here’s some calf-baring inspiration.

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