"Miracle" Plane Crash Kills Only One Passenger

  • A plane crash is being hailed as a “miracle” after only one of the 131 passengers died. The jetliner hit a thunderstorm and broke apart on a Caribbean island runway. According to officials, only five people were seriously injured.
  • Dr David Eagleman has been studying the effects of near death experiences on the brain for several years. After several really fun sounding studies involving roller coasters and a fear-inducing fall, he has come to the conclusion that our brains go into some sort of turbo memory mode when faced with extreme fear. Everything appears to slow down, yet this is not because our actual perception is speeding up—it’s because we suddenly are able to process, and remember, every detail that might come in handy. Neat.
  • According to a study from the Association of Chief Police Officers, children are being trafficked into the UK to work in cannabis factories. Most of the kids put to work are illegal Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants, and many of them are unwilling to talk to authorities.
  • Children born of sperm donations are lobbying for an end to anonymous drop-offs. While currently most banks allow for donors to remain unnamed, some are changing their policies so the identity of the donor is no longer protected when the child turns 18.
  • Yesterday, Cathy Mumford became the first woman to kayak solo from upstate New York to Maine. She began the 740-mile journey on June 19. Mumford says she will never forget the “incredible beauty, solitude, and serenity” of the record-making trip.
  • Champagne should always be poured like beer, according to the New York Times science section. Apparently, someone paid researchers to study the effects of a vertical pour and an angled pour. However, they note that it would be “very provocative to pour Champagne this way for many French.”
  • In other cool alcohol-related news: Scientists in Edinburgh have developed a method for producing biofuel from the by-products of whiskey distillation.
  • The American fast food chain Wendy’s is set to launch 180 new locations throughout Russia, according to Wendy’s/Arby’s Group president Roland Smith. McDonalds has been available east of the Iron Curtain for over 20 years, but this will be the first time Wendy’s branches out into Russian Federation.
  • A recent survey found that nearly 30% of new couples meet online. Even more interesting: the same study found that 61% of same-sex couples formed between 2007-2009 were the result of an online match.
  • A woman accused of throwing a pie at senator Carl Levin will appear in court today. 22-year-old Ahlam M. Mohsen was arrested on Monday on a felony charge of stalking and misdemeanor counts of assault and disorderly conduct. Apparently, she was trying to make a political message about the democrat’s involvement in war. By throwing a pie.
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