Miss California Gossips About Fellow Pageant Contestant

Miss California Carrie Prejean made headlines for expressing her views on gay marriage. In this clip, from the Miss USA website, she talks shit on another pageant contestant with her friend, Miss Hawaii.

Seriously, it’s almost like this is a skit from SNL or something, it’s so perfect. Prejean and Miss Hawaii (Aureana Tseu) obviously don’t like a certain other pageant contestant but they mask this by feigning concern over her eating habits, explaining that Miss USA should be “healthy.” However, then Prejean and Tseu decide that really, the problem with this other contestant is her lack of manners, insisting that she was rude because she didn’t want to eat the food provided for her, and asked the waiter to bring her something more specific. Prejean — who has reportedly been dating Michael Phelps on-and-off for the last year — says, “You need to be adaptable. Even if you don’t like seafood, eat the seafood.” (According to them, this has something to do with cultural sensitivity. The irony is overwhelming.)

Miss California USA and Miss Hawaii USA [Miss USA]
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