Nearly 100% of American Women Work Jobs That Pay Men More


97 percent of full-time working women report to jobs that typically pay more, according to an analysis of 2011 data by the Center For American Progress. Of the 534 professions listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women on average earn more than men in only seven of them.

The findings make it hard to argue (although you know that people still will) that the gender wage gap exists because women choose lower-paying jobs since they want to stay home with their kids. We doubt all those female chief executives made it to the top by working chill hours.

In the 7 professional fields where women earn more than men — high fives all around, ladies! —the wage difference is relatively tiny; for example, female operations research analysts earn only $68 more a week than men with the same job. That’s almost 10 times less than the weekly wage gap between female and male chief executives.

[H/T HuffPost]

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