Nice Try, Kid, But Kate Upton's Probs Too Busy to Go to Your Prom


As you may recall, 17-year-old Jake Davidson created a video invitation, asking 20-year-old swimsuit model and cat-daddy enthusiast Kate Upton to go to the prom with him. Kate was all, sure, lemme check my schedule. Now it seems as though her calendar is pretty full. And she’s got important stuff to do. Not that a prom isn’t important; But she spent Friday at a hospital visiting kids with cancer. That said, she does seem generous:

“I’m a model,” she says. “I don’t cure cancer like these doctors do. So I need to use what I have to give back,” she says. “There is no question that I have been blessed — incredibly blessed — and I want to find ways to help others. I’m open to doing any sort of charity work, but I have a special place in my heart for children and animals.”

[ABC, People]

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