Nick Jonas Removes Clothes, Bares Butt, Reminds Us That God Is Good

It feels like you can’t google “Nick Jonas no clothes” or “Nick Jonas butt” these days without seeing a picture of Nick Jonas taking off his shirt, his pants or some combination of the two. And no one here is complaining. Many of us just wish he’d do it more often.

Straight from his amazing (almost) nude shoot for Flaunt magazine (must see), the cutest and totally legal (not that anyone’s into that) Jonas brother is gracing the pages* of Details to talk about his new show and music, I guess. And also his workout. According to Celebuzz, Jonas bulked up and then leaned down. Verrrrry interesting.

Here are a few more photos from the Details shoot. I’d say more, but you know, the photos kind of speak for themselves? (Especially the one where you can see his butt cleavage, because that seems to be like a Nick Jonas signature photo thing now.)

*I have always wanted to write this phrase. Thank you, Nick Jonas. Please follow me on Twitter so that we can communicate via direct message and arrange a time when you might like to come by the Jezebel office to take off your shirt and eat cupcakes and it will be a huge surprise for everyone.

Images via Details

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