Noah Cyrus Fans the Flames of Cyrus Family Feud Rumors

It’s only Tuesday and Cyrus has stirred the pot by first “liking” a racy gym selfie of Miley’s ex Liam Hemsworth, then responding to the controversy in a since-deleted, equally controversial Instagram story.

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Noah Cyrus Fans the Flames of Cyrus Family Feud Rumors

In November 2022, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus announced their divorce, and the family has been ensconced in drama pretty much ever since. This week, Noah Cyrus—Miley’s younger sister—is continuing to stir the damn pot. 

Over the weekend, social media users noticed Noah “liked” an Instagram post from Miley’s ex, Liam Hemsworth, in which Hemsworth takes a revealing gym selfie, not-so-creatively captioned “#Legday.” There’s simply no way Noah thought no one would notice, so I’m willing to theorize this was her giving tacit support to the man who allegedly cheated on Miley amid her ongoing, alleged feud with her sister. Then, in the wake of the predictable speculation, backlash, and tabloid frenzy, Noah posted an Instagram story Monday night that Just Jared managed to screenshot before it was deleted: “There’s no greater joy than seeing y’all get s0000000 angry over the dumbest s–t it’s so entertaining and funny,” she wrote. 

Why might Noah be getting friendly with her sister’s controversial ex, you ask? If you’re just tuning in now, much of the family conflict seems to have first stemmed from the Cyrus kids picking sides in their parents’ divorce, with Miley siding with their mom, attending Tish’s wedding to Dominic Purcell last summer and even appearing to shade Billy Ray at the Grammys in February. 

But things got even messier when, in March, it was reported that Purcell had a sexual relationship with Noah before his relationship with Tish, which… ick???? Sources have said Miley wasn’t aware of any of the drama involving Purcell and Noah. But at least since last October, fans have theorized that Noah and Miley are in some sort of conflict, after Noah resurfaced a 2020 clip of Miley talking about her on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and appeared to call Miley “disrespectful” in a TikTok comment.

So, if you’ve somehow managed to follow all of that: Great! All of it takes us back to this week, with Noah conspicuously “liking” her former brother-in-law’s regrettably basic thirst trap, then joking on Instagram about how much she loves making us all mad. Somehow it’s only Tuesday!! Meanwhile, last week, Us Weekly reported that Tish and Purcell are in couple’s therapy amid the ongoing backlash and speculation about his maybe-past with Tish’s 24-year-old daughter. So, a lot going on right about now…

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