Noted Saint Rielle Hunter "Has Been Very Patient Through All Of This."


Of course someone has speculated about Rielle Hunter‘s take on all this. “Speculated” being the operative word.

In Rielle Hunter’s defense, the “friend” who spoke exclusively to Radar has not actually gotten a quote from the mother of Edwards’ child since Elizabeth Edwards died. Her remarks deal, presumably, with Hunter’s reaction to Elizabeth’s illness generally. Anyway, says the source “close to Hunter” : “Rielle has been very patient through all of this. She still believes that John is her soul mate, and she thinks that they’re going to get married.” And suddenly turning on her: “She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She’s been selfish and horrible this whole time, no matter what else has been said about her.”

Well, all this could have been gleaned from the infamous Oprah interview, in which Hunter’s self-absorbed obliviousness (and Elizabeth-bashing) was on full view. And who knows about their marital state? Hunter, who’s currently living in an Edwards-supported home, may know something this random enemy doesn’t.

As to Hunter’s take on Elizabeth’s death? “She will say nice things about Elizabeth, but only if it makes her look good.” Thanks, clairvoyant! Frankly, we think this is a case where she’d be much better served by keeping her mouth shut: her smugly serene assertions about Elizabeth’s self-delusion on Oprah were quite damning enough. And random frenemy? You can zip it, too.

EXCLUSIVE: Rielle Hunter Wants To Marry John Edwards As Family & Friends Mourn Elizabeth’s Death

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