Now You Can Buy Sarah Palin's New Leopard Print Shoes!


Sarah Palin continued her will-she-or-won’t-she dance with the press yesterday — and she had some pretty fierce dancin’ shoes.

Palin appeared before the Long Island Association Thursday and, depending on who you talked to, either “hinted at” or heaved “sighs of reluctance” regarding a presidential run in 2012. On the “she’s totally running, maybe” side is Maggie Haberman of Politico, who writes that Palin “talked at fair length about the type of campaign she’d run” (it would involve “going rogue,” of course, but also “being there with the people in the diners”). Haberman also quotes Palin’s rambling answer to the question of who she’d support if she didn’t run:

I don’t have a name to give you right now, but what I would look for in character is someone who’s been on the front lines understanding how to administer and how to lead a team. … Gosh, nobody’s more qualified [for the] multitasking than a woman, a mom… who’s administered locally, state, with energy issues, so maybe a mayor, a governor maybe.

Sooo, if she didn’t run, she’d back … herself. No wonder journalists are confused. Holding up the “she’s totally not running, probably” side is Walter Shapiro of Politics Daily, who interpreted her “sighs” about public appearances and poll numbers as a sign that “Palin cannot figure out how she can win a Republican nomination with her poll numbers (she boasts 16.5 percent support for the GOP nomination in the rolling averages compiled by Real Clear Politics), the continuing scorn of the press pack, and her reluctance to spend most of the next year in Holiday Inns.” His “instinct” he says, is that she won’t be a candidate in 2012.

As far as Palin’s presidential aspirations go, all we have is speculation. For concrete answers, we had to look to her feet. Those leopard sandals everybody’s talking about? They’re by Taryn Rose, and they can be yours for $79.95 on eBay. Act fast, though — if the Mama Leopard does announce a run in 2012, they’ll surely get snapped up for the inevitable Halloween costumes.

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