O-Town's Ashley Parker Angel's 1D Audition Is Totally a Joke, You Guys


Hey One Direction! Now that’s Zayn’s quit, O-Town’s Ashley Parker Angel wants to be your new member and he even made an audition tape!

Haha, only joking! See, he even wrote “#fakeaudition,” so you know it’s a joke. Unless you guys think it’s a good idea, in which case he could probably work something out with you. No? That’s cool, dudes! He was kidding around anyway! Ashley Parker Angel has tons of things to do so it’s not like he can drop everything and come on your tour!

Wait, who’s Ashley Parker Angel? Oh, um. Like I said before, he was in O-Town. What’s O-Town? Well, O-Town was a boyband that formed on an MTV reality show called Making the Band. It aired in 2000 when Harry Styles was 6 years old. Ring any bells? No? That’s fine. The audition was a joke, like I said, so it’s not like Ashley Parker Angel even cares about joining One Direction.

Unless you…he could…never mind.

Image via the AP

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