Oh La La! The Etam Fashion Show Was Tres Bizarre


Paris’s Etam lingerie fashion show was hosted by supermodel Natalia Vodianova and attracted royals, stars and fashion icons. Also, bunny backpacks, weird pajamas and animal skins!

Natalia Vodianova designed a lingerie line for Etam. For some reason, this means she needed to wear poopy-pants and a bunny backpack.

I was going to say, maybe her little kids love it. Then I saw the eyes.

Or maybe in Paris they’re just far ahead of us, fashion-wise. (Julie Depardieu.)

Let’s ask Carine Roitfeld!

Hilary Swank’s like, damn! I just caught up to one-armed!

Marina Hands looks enviably cool.

As does Inglourious Basterds‘ Melanie Laurent, although I can’t tell if this is a raincoat or just really shiny.

Olga Kurylenko dressed up for the occasion, may be carrying a tiny yoga mat.

Delphine Chaneac does a twist on classic Parisian tweeds.

Nora Arnezeder apparently hit Jurassic Park for her jacket. Which will not end well.

Johanna Preiss and Mlle Agnes demonstrate the special French alchemy that can make the obviously ludicrous mysteriously chic.

Karen Mulder‘s ludicrous duds just look ludicrous.

Prior to seeing Marie Gillain, I would have thought that matching lipstick to shoes was a dubious scheme.

Charlotte Casiraghi is a royal and the granddaughter of Princess Grace. We hold her to an unusually high standard.

Later, Natalia changed into this Mrs. Roper special.

One of the getups.

[Images via Getty]

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