OMG, Bob Filner's Press Secretary Sucked On a Penis Straw


Local ABC affiliate 10 News reports that Mayor of Sexual Harassment City (ok, San Diego) Bob Filner’s press secretary “is also under scrutiny” for sipping a drink using a straw shaped like a penis. (!!!) At a bachelorette party. (!!!!) In Las Vegas. (!!!!!) Even Ron Burgundy’s team would’ve considered this “scoop” beneath them.

10 News got an “expert” to weigh in on their “exclusive” (can I just put this whole story in sarcasm-laden quotation marks?):

Political consultant John Dadian said, “For somebody in the public sector, this just is not good.”
“It’s an image,” he said. “If somebody sees an elected official doing something, it reflects bad not only on the staff member but on the entity, in this case, the city of San Diego.”
“She is somebody who is the public face for the mayor,” said Dadian. “You quite honestly have to have a higher standard. She should know better.”

You guys. It’s a straw shaped like genitalia. May he who hasn’t sucked on a penis straw cast the first stone!! Actually, I’ve never come into contact with one. Yay, I can run for president!

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