Oprah: Rosie O'Donnell On Same-Sex Divorce & Elisabeth Hasselbeck


On today’s Oprah, Rosie opened up about everything: her underwear, the breakup of her marriage, her new girlfriend, what really went down backstage between co-hosts at The View, and how she feels about it all now.

There seems to be no love lost between Rosie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (She mentioned that there’s something about “somebody being different on TV toward you than they are in the dressing room” and that it “didn’t really ring true.”) But Rosie says that the fight with Elisabeth wasn’t the reason that she didn’t return to The View, but rather, disagreeing with the decisions of those who worked behind the cameras.

Though Rosie didn’t spend much time hashing over her past with Hasselbeck, she delved much more into her relationship with Barbara Walters. Here, she talks about the time she ripped Babs a new asshole (verbally, not literally).

The main reason Rosie appeared on Oprah was to promote her new documentary for HBO—premiering January 31—A Family Is a Family Is a Family, about the diversity of families today “that challenge stereotypes, highlighting same-sex parents, mixed-heritage families, single parents and stories of adoption.” In this clip, she discusses the breakup of her marriage to Kelli Carpenter (with whom she has four children), and how same-sex divorces differ from straight ones.

But Rosie isn’t single. She has a new girlfriend, Texas-based artist Tracy Kachtick-Anders (who has six children of her own) and the two women plan on moving in together.

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