Palin Fans Plan Idiotic Nationwide Demonstration


Mark your calendars, because on Sunday, March 13 at 4 p.m. Eastern, supporters of the right-wing group Stand Up America are going to pull to the shoulder of major highways en masse to “send a clear message that cannot be twisted by the media, misinterpreted by politicians, or co-opted by Obama apologists” — or, make a few motorists wonder, “Hey, did that guy’s car break down?”

Inspired by Sarah Palin commenting that the Obama administration’s actions are putting the nation on the “road to ruin,” the group is encouraging followers to “vent your frustration, without being labeled, or maligned!” in the “Just Stop!” event. Here’s the plan:

• We want everyone to get into their cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, Semis, box trucks, and any other vehicle, and drive to your nearest highway or main route;
• Don’t go far, just enough to get in a safe position to pull over to the shoulder, and park, engine running, headlights and flashers on;
• Why? To take a cell call, or make one or several. After all, law enforcement recommends that you pull over to the side to take your call or text.
• Hook up a boat trailer, a snow mobile hauler, or anything to make the line look miles and miles long, bring your tractor-trailer;
• Set up a long motorcycle run to a STOP;
• Get your car club involved to show off those great hot rods and collectibles;
• Imagine others driving by wondering “what the heck”? Wave to everyone;
• Get ten friends to do the same; or go to an over pass and hang temporary signs saying – “Time to stop!” Just imagine the imagery! But be SAFE!
• Once pulled over to the side, place calls or texts to your friends, take pictures, send tweets, flood Facebook with messages and photos, along with several million others on other highways across the land.
• Stay one hour if you can, get your friends to do the same, line up all your vehicles in a safe manner as far off the side as you can, and hit your horns.
• One hour gives the media a chance to react, a chance to get footage. Imagine the traffic reports!
• Hang a sign inside your back window, or use temporary soap to write a message safely on the window;
• Be a part of millions of people saying: “Stop the madness, we are pulling over and just stopping!”

Yes, once Tea Partiers force their fellow Americans to wonder “what the heck?” there’ll be no stopping them!

The website urges people not to break any laws, though it advises:

Ostensibly, you are not supposed to pull to the shoulder of a super highway for anything other than an emergency, a breakdown, or any other issue that prevents safe operation in the travel lanes. However, after consulting California Highway Patrol officers, they did say, if ordered to move along, you must obey or face arrest, but they are not going to arrest you for pulling over alone!

Thats the spirit! It’s okay to violate the law as long as there are no real consequences. And certainly all true patriots will acknowledge that the Obama administration’s stance on … whatever the hell Tea Partiers are riled up about … does constitute an emergency.

Wonkette points out that a demonstration on the scale described by Stand Up America,

…would mean motorists on the freeway having car trouble wouldn’t have a single spot to pull over safely to the shoulder, which will cause millions of fatal car wrecks across the country along with endless standstill traffic jams everywhere else.

We’d be worried, but in all likelihood, there’s a greater danger of the roadside Palin supporters sprinkled throughout American roadways accidentally getting hit with cigarette butts and fast food containers tossed by passing drivers.

SUA National Call To Action Event [Stand Up America US]
Palin Fans Organizing Plan To All Pull Over To Side of Road For Some Reason

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