Parks & Rec Is Ending… But Paul Rudd's Bobby Newport Is Back! 


It’s painful to think about the end of Parks & Recreation, one of television’s funniest shows, which will commence its final season on January 13. Set in 2017, the seventh season will give us a glimpse of our heroes deep into the future, and fortunately for us, those heroes will no doubt be stymied and/or foiled by Bobby Newport, Paul Rudd’s hilariously dunderheaded, spoiled-rotten Sweetums candy heir who almost crushed Leslie Knope’s chance at city council based entirely on the bored sensibility of a toddler.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Newport will return at the behest of Ben, Leslie Knope’s practical soul mate, played by Adam Scott, and that producers wanted Rudd to return because he’s like, the absolute best dude ever, you know?:

“He’s the world’s nicest human being—and the funniest,” says Parks executive producer Michael Schur of Rudd. “We made a list of all the people that we wanted to have back and he was high on the list, so we managed to snag him.”
Under what circumstances does Bobby make his first brief reappearance? “Ben [Adam Scott] needs to fill a certain position and he thinks that Bobby might be a good candidate,” says Schur.

According to EW, Rudd filmed his scenes in the summer during a break from making Ant-Man, the upcoming Marvel film in which Rudd shall be catapulted to extreme fan-nerd status by playing the lead character, scientist Hank Pym freaking Ant-Man 2 who knows the guy who was Ant-Man 1 (aka Hank Pym), who was a guy who develops a chemical that can make him tiny and a helmet that can give him the ability to control the minds of ants. All we’re saying is, it’s a good idea keep the ants away from the Sweetums factory. BA-DUMP-DUMP.

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