Photoshop Gifs Make You Wonder Why We Have Models At All


The gifs from this video just go to show how much creative license someone skilled at Photoshop can take with the image of a woman. Honestly, it doesn’t really seem to matter what the model looks like to begin with. She could have been a scribble of a stick figure on the back of a CVS receipt, and we would have ended up with the same image of a doe-eyed, long-legged, perfectly toned woman.

We’ve seen these side-by-side gifs before—we even made one back in 2007 with Faith Hill’s ‘award’-winning Redbook cover. So it’s not exactly news that the images of women in magazines today are more like those in comic books, an artistic rendition of the concept of a feminine body type, while the photographs of real women continue to simply be a suggestion.

[Business Insider]

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