Project Runway Makes Tim Gunn Laugh Until He Cries


The unconventional material challenges are always super fun, and in last night’s episode, the designers whipped up party outfits — made from crap bought at a store called Party Glitter.

Casanova, he who cannot be tamed, didn’t really play by the rules. He used tablecloths instead of paper plates and plastic “circus” stuff, and declared: “We are not making a piñata. We are making a dress.” Am I sick of him? Yes. Do I want him off the show? Not yet! I think he is capable of making magical, fantastical shit.

Woolly balls make Tim Gunn laugh until he cries. Kristin said “I have real balls” on national TV, and I hope her friends are giving her a hard [heh] time about it.

Tim Gunn is so amazng that when he told a 50 year old woman that she was acting like she had a piece of coal up her butt, she thanked him!

Highlights and lowlights from the runway:
Christopher’s dress was in the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not For Sale At Bloomingdale’s” category. Paper napkins have never looked so expensive.

Mondo’s Quinceañera confection — made from leis and plastic plates — was adorable. I think Betsey Johnson and this kid could turn out a stellar prom collection.

Peach got the coal out of her butthole and but a bow on it.

Michael D used tin foil trays and made a dirty pool hall lampshade.

Ivy called Kristin’s dress a “jelly fish,” which was generous, since jellyfish are beautiful. I spy a purple woolly ball!

Ivy’s dress looks a little heavy, and might not fit perfectly, but the concept and execution? Gorgeous. Those are folded napkins! If you check out the side view, you’ll see the cute Mylar balloon corsage.

It would be easy to see Michael Costello’s gown on the red carpet, but it definitely looks better the farther away you are. And it looked better on TV than it does in this photo. Does anyone remember what this is made of? Streamers and plates?

Lady Gaga and April need to have a conversation. STAT.

Can you believe this was made with streamers and paper bags? Gretchen is good designer, too bad she’s been acting like a hateful bitch. Nina called this “fabulous” and “very cool”; Betsey said it was Tina Turner meets Mel Gibson in Mad Max. Gretchen was in the top 3.

Michael Kors really liked Valerie’s little cocktail dress made of cocktail napkins. “She’s a girl you want to know,” he said. Nina Garcia said it was “fun,” “sophisticated” and “lovely.” Guest judge Betsey Johnson joked, “In that dress, you go to a party, you have an instant face wipe.” Valerie was also in the top 3.

It was super sweet of April and Peach to help Andy finish his dress. He turned spools of ribbon into a fierce frock Rihanna would look amazing in. The balloon glove? Genius. Andy was the winner of this challenge.

Casanova is an infinite mystery and/or doesn’t understand English. He should do costume design for theater, perhaps? Michael Kors said the model looked like a “transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral.” Betsey liked the back, though. Casanova was in the bottom 3 for his “parade float.”

AJ’s dress looked like a kid ate too much cake at a birthday party and barfed. He was also in the bottom 3.

“Boring,” “safe”, “sad” — no one had anything good to say about Sarah’s dress. She was auf’d.

Later in the episode, Ivy fainted, but once you’ve seen the drag queen in mourning, everything else is a disappointment.

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